Healthier Eating: Six Ingredient Swaps

Making the healthy choice can be difficult sometimes but there are a few easy swaps than can help make food healthier whilst still being very tasty.

1. Black beans for flour

This may sound crazy but you can swap out flour with drained, rinsed and pureed black beans when baking. Try it out in brownies!

2. Zoodles for pasta noodles

These are thin strips or ribbons of zucchini that have bee sautéed for a few minutes until soft and used instead of pasta.

3. Lettuce leaves for tortilla wraps

Lettuce leave can lighten any wrap or taco-like meal and provide a satisfying crunch that a wrap doesn’t have.

4. Nuts for croutons

It is nice to have an additional texture in salad that can be achieved by using nuts instead of croutons.

5. Unsweetened applesauce for sugar

You can substitute a 1:1 swap of sugar to applesauce however, for every cup of applesauce, reduce the amount of liquid in the recipe by a ¼ cup.

6. Plain yogurt with fresh fruit for flavoured yogurt

Pre-flavoured yogurts typically come with quite a bit of added sugar so opt for a plain or Greek yogurt and add in your own fresh fruit.