3 Natural Ways to Fight Allergies

Have a lot of Vitamin C – Adding vitamin c to your lifestyle will prevent the formation of histamine when compared to the typical OTC options, which work by interfering with the histamine after it’s produced. For best results, take it with bioflavonoids throughout the day, and aim for 2,000 mg daily for immune support.

Eat onions – Increasing your intake of quercetin, a bioflavonoid which derives from onions, will not only benefit your diet, it is said to help minimise the occurrence of watery or itchy eyes, asthma and hayfever.

Look after your diet – An obvious one but your diet plays a role in our overall health, and allergies are no exception. To give your body the nutrients it needs, aim to follow a hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory diet during allergy season, and keep a food diary to help pinpoint any flare-ups, which can worsen with environmental allergies.