Cosmetic Dental Treatments – What you Need to Know

Cosmetic dental treatments are suitable for people who have nothing fundamentally wrong with their teeth but want to improve the appearance of them. There are lots of different concerns people may have with their teeth: unevenness, large gaps, teeth that are too close together, teeth that are discoloured… cosmetic dental treatments can fix all of these concerns and more.

You will need to discuss the exact treatment with your dentist or orthodontist. They will be able to make recommendations based on your complaint. They may suggest something like Invisalign to correct tooth alignment or a whitening treatment to lighten up the colour of your teeth and make them whiter.

The length of your treatment will depend entirely upon what you are having done. Invisalign will last a while, whereas a whitening treatment may only require a couple of appointments, depending on how many shades whiter your teeth are going to be.