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Having your Teeth Whitened for your Wedding

Many people will make all kinds of preparations for their wedding day – it’s one of the biggest days of your life and you will want to look your best. Some people grow their hair for years so they can have the hairstyle of their dreams, others spend months looking for the perfect dress – or perhaps you will do both of these things and more! Cosmetic teeth whitening ahead of a wedding is now a popular procedure, giving you the smile of your dreams ahead of your big day. There’s nothing worse than feeling self conscious when people are looking at you, and only you, especially when it is your own wedding! This procedure can help you to feel more like yourself, before the stains built up on your teeth and made you dislike them.

Should you consider teeth whitening ahead of your wedding?

If you have wondered about the possibility of having your teeth whitened already, it’s clearly something that matters to you. In this case, you can book a consultation with a dentist to discuss your options and find out whether tooth whitening will be the best option for you. They can give you professional and personalised advice so you can make an informed decision. It could be the case that teeth whitening isn’t for you. Perhaps if you just feel unhappy with one or two teeth, crowns or veneers could be a better option. It might transpire that you’re actually more unhappy with the way your teeth sit and you should consider an orthodontic treatment first.

Having any cosmetic dental procedure isn’t something to be taken lightly but if you have been thinking about it, then you have nothing to lose by having a consultation with a qualified dentist. This is the only way you should approach a teeth whitening treatment. It needs to be carried out by someone who can look after your teeth and your health.

What is the process?

You need to decide to have your teeth whitened at least a few weeks before your wedding. The treatment isn’t instantaneous and will take a while to work. Your dentist will discuss the tooth colour you want to achieve with you and will make you personalised bleaching trays that will fit your teeth perfectly. You will then wear these at night so lift the colour of your teeth and remove staining. The bleach works to remove the appearance of stains and make your teeth whiter. You will continue to do this for a few weeks depending on the results you want.

Looking your best for your wedding

Teeth whitening is popular with brides, but also with grooms, as everyone wants to look their best for their wedding. If you’ve always been self conscious about your teeth, now could be the time to do something about it. Do consider all options available to you, in close consultation with a dentist or orthodontist. For some people who don’t want to change their tooth colour dramatically, a scale and polish with the hygienist could be all that is required.

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