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Does it Hurt to Have your Teeth Whitened?

People are always concerned about pain with dentistry – it is one of the top concerns. If you want to have your teeth cosmetically whitened by a dentist, you might be wondering what the process involves – and whether it will hurt at all. The good news is that tooth whitening shouldn’t hurt a lot, and if you do experience any pain it shouldn’t be worse than some discomfort. This is because the dental bleach used can cause some sensitivity around your teeth.

Even if you do experience any sensitivity, it won’t last for long and your teeth will stop feeling this way as soon as the whitening process is complete. You also may not feel any sensitivity at all, as it’s different for every person. If you have any concerns speak to your dentist and they can tell you more. Tooth whitening shouldn’t be painful and should be a very easy process.

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