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Is Cosmetic Dentistry Affordable?

Cosmetic dentistry might seem like a luxury expense to some, but if you’re unhappy with your teeth, this can impact your confidence majorly. Cosmetic dentistry can really help you come to terms with your appearance and become more confident, which is important to address.

The price of cosmetic dentistry varies between practices. Many dental surgeries will have price lists on their website to give you a general idea of costs, and they will offer consultations so you can talk to a dentist about the exact treatments you would need. Some options might cost more than others. For example, having veneers on all of your teeth might cost more than just having a crown on one tooth. Some practices know that their patients can’t always afford to pay for treatments outright and will offer the option to pay in instalments over a number of months. This can make cosmetic dentistry much more affordable.

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